Building A Video Streaming App Using Screen Share Using React Native Toolkit

  • Nodejs framework
  • JDK
  • Android Studio (recommended to use LTS version)

What Is EnableX React Native SDK?

Creating Project in EnableX

  • Go to the EnableX portal. If you do not have an account, Signup here.
  • Next, “Create Projects”, enter relevant information as required.
  • You get the option to copy App ID & APP Key when you create the project the first time.

Creating a ReactNative Project

  • Installing the EnableX React Native SDK
  • Importing the Reactive Native Class
  • How To Start And Stop Screen Sharing
  • Installing Foreground Service
  • Override onActivityResult
  • How to Start Foreground Service
  • How to Stop The Foreground Service



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Jason Wills

Jason Wills

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