Mobile Battery Lifespan: A Comparison Between EnableX and A Leading WebRTC SDK Provider

Benchmark Battery Performance And Heating Test

We conducted three tests with five participants using different devices and browsers. We compared the performance of the two apps in all test scenarios, which are given below:

Devices used for testing

Battery Consumption and Heating Analysis


We found that the EnableX meeting app drained out only 12%-15% battery in 10 minutes with 5 participants, while the rival app drained more than 20% in similar scenario. However, it is critical to know why EnableX performed better over the rival meeting app in similar test scenarios. Here are three important reasons:

  1. Tight Binding Between Publishers and Subscribers


The purpose of this test is to broadly demonstrate the power efficiency of the two platforms and educate users to help them make an informed decision while selecting a meeting platform.



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Jason Wills

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